starting 10/2015 consultant for the horeca business: concept developments, marketing concepts, event organization, product and recipe development, promotion; writing for the german food magazine “foodie”


6/2015 – 09/2016 freelance consultant chef and head chef in Germany and Norway: development of menus, calculations, order management, staffing, inside optimization of kitchen work flows; kitchen operations


5/2014 –6/2015 vice hotel manager, “ankerplatz hotel”, Wilhelmshaven: marketing and new positioning of brand and CI; communications; human resources; reservations management; customer relationship management; housekeeping supervision; accounting; planning and calculating menus and help out in all operational sectors (kitchen, service, housekeeping)


2013 – 2014 restaurant manager, „Hotel zum Storchen“, Waldkirch, Germany: develop, lead and supervise the operations of the restaurant, F&B management, marketing assistance
2011 – 2013 COO at „Rittergut Valenbrook“ manufacture of delicacies, restaurant, guesthouse and venue, Bad Bederkesa, Germany: develop, lead and supervise the operation of restaurant & delicacy production; marketing, PR, calculations, HR, banquet sales, chef pâtissière
2007-2010  Project Manager horeca sales (2007&08), product manager (whole horeca range, 2009) and category manager horeca and top restaurant (2010), at "Deutsche See" GmbH, Bremerhaven, Germany:  sales oriented marketing, development of high innovation products: idea to market; communication and PR; key account management; CRM; development and implementation of the online shop;  development of a fresh delivery concept in Hamburg “city farming”
2006 – 2007 pâtissière at „Kofler & Company“, Frankfurt, Germany, student job
2005 waitress & chef  „TST“, Frankfurt, Germany, student job
2004 Apprenticeship as a chef, “Maritim Hotel”, Bremen, Germany
2001 – 2003 Apprenticeship as a chef, “Grashoff's Bistro”,  1-Michelinstar, Bremen, Germany


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