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Investment of joy

I created the best job in the world for myself: as a chef and food consultant I travel the world, always exploring good food, interesting people and exciting projects. The mission of my little company: connecting people through food! Not having an apartment or homebase I am working at the most beautiful places in the world, reaching them by cheap bus connections, low cost airlines and other affordable ways of traveling.  I rather change flights five times and convert the saved money immediately into food experiences. Passing by Madrid and indulging in the divine Napolitanas con crema to reach my partner agency in Copenhagen, or extending my stop-over in Singapore on the way to my client on Bali for an extra 24 hours to savour the most insane Laksa ever cooked – the world is just packed with delicacies!

I do live from hand to mouth, but always tasteful, enjoying, often luxurious, always full of faith and regularly with an empty bank account. When I myself and others ask where all the money went that I have earned in the last 17 years of working in the food industry (adding it up would probably cause nausea), I will have to say: “I blew it with joy! Spent it on traveling and mostly food, well, maybe some nice drinks, cook books and chef’s knives.” No designer clothes, electronic gadgets, fancy cars, no family apartment. Instead I purchased uncountable moments of food joy that influenced my life more than any material possession or status symbol could ever do.  Sharing good food with dear people that is true luxury! Having the fortune in this part of the world that we don’t need to worry about hunger, poverty and misery makes me humble and thankful and enjoying even more consciously. Intense food experiences, deeply burnt into my memory, instantly retrievable any time – this is the best investment for better or for worse.  

A short statement of my food joy account:

Instant goose bumps and an almost insane happy smile comes over me when I think of the dessert which I enjoyed more than ten years ago at the „El Celler de Can Roca“ that I ordered additionally after having already enjoyed the big menu. „Miracle“, the perfume, deconstructed by Pâtissier-Genius Jordi Roca into its modules and rearranged as a sweet piece of art, directly fired onto all of my senses – Jordi knows, what women want. Each grapefruit, each flacon, that I have seen as oft hat moment throws me back to this supernova of sense and I immediately feel the velvety, tangy-fresh grapefruit gel on my tongue!

After an exhausting day of hiking through the blooming hills of Umbria the fate of delight guided us into a small Osteria at the piazza of Spoleto. Soft Gnocchi filled with the most creamy Ricotta and a big dash of oil made from olives of the slope next door gave me the such a sunny and joyful shiver – now and then!  I still cannot believe the charming cameriere that all the intensive aromas of mandarine, citrus and flower meadows have been created by the sun and the italian oil only… nature’s beauty conserved in my brain forever!

The perfect pistachio gelato I got to enjoy at the „Salone del Gusto“, the big Slow Food spectacle all through the center of Torino. Italys farmers compete here about the best product and I won the jackpot: unbelievable creaminess, dense aromas that reminde me of tree bark warmed by the sun, the exciting peaks of salt cristals teasing my tongue – Pistachios from Piemonte at their best! For me the Gelato-benchmark for life!

Cauliflower, baked as a whole, portioned and elegantly served by the mischievous Chef de Rang in the light of the modern-stylish lustre. I take the first bite: the perfection makes the tears shoot into my eyes! Overwhelmed! Physically, sensually, completely! Thunderstruck by the art, the perfection of handcraft, by nature, by the best ingredients and the know-how and the sensitivity of the chef and his kitchen brigade.

How does this work? What happens to us when we experience this perfect moment of delight? Big Foodie Bang! A rush of the sense: every single moment being imprinted in head, heart and tongue! Surely this wonder can be physiologically explained, but do we want that? Just let the magic happen! Again and again, please!

If again someone asks me, where my money went, I can tell them with the relaxed smile of enjoyment: I invested it well! Into deeply touching, everlasting moments, in dedicated farmers and producers, talented chefs, passionate brigades, warm-hearted hosts, wonderful friendships and the most beautiful business of the world!

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