Abenteuer Geschmack

"Taste" is magic and so much more than the sum of science phenomena. Yet we try to explain how our individual sensations interact and try to understand the wonder of taste together a bit better. 60 recipes of 15 veggies take us on a tour through the dimensions of taste.


I got to work together with my dear friends: pictures were taken by amazing photographer Vivi D'Angelo and set styling was done by wonderful Justyna Dembowski. Thank you, ladies!

A little sneak peak into the book:
LP_Abenteuer Geschmack.pdf
PDF-Dokument [5.5 MB]


The book can be purchased at your local bookstore in Germany, Switzerland and Austria or at the publishing house GU via the link below!


Antje de Vries Gastronomiedienstleistungen

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