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Creating and installing the monochrome dinner as the kick-of for sindroms Yellow issue together with Sweet Sneak Studio was a big pleasure and joy. a whole new perspective opens by focussing on monochrome colours. Can't wait to set-up the next monochrome dinner. Which colour would you like?


I had a wonderful talk with amazing Hung Tieu for his great project "Gastro Rockstar" - Podcasts about experts in food businesses. Follow us on our mission to find our WHY


Big Foodie Bang! A rush of the sense: every single moment being imprinted in head, heart and tongue! Surely this wonder can be physiologically explained, but do we want that? Just let the magic happen! Again and again, please!

Finde Dein WHY in der Gastro
Fragen zusammengestellt, um Dich auf die Suche nach Deinem WHY zu schicken.
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Connected through food

Vivi D'Angelo
food- & photography
Vivi D'Angelo is a master in capturing the essence, the spirit, the love and every single detail in her beautiful pictures. Highly professional artist and friend.
Sweet Sneak Studio
Sweet Sneak Studio is a creative agency that strengthens companies’ brand experience by using the power of food.
These amazing ladies consult and design concepts for the most memorable multi-sensory marketing through brand activating events, communication strategies and visual content.
Hamburger Deern Blog
Die wunderbare Christine Siegemund stellt mich auf Ihrem tollen Blog vor - eine Ehre und Freude und der Start spannender gemeinsamer Projekte.
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